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    Post  Site Admin on Thu Jul 09, 2009 6:28 pm

    As many of you all know, the economic situation has taken its toll on each and every one of us...some more than others. My friend Lucky has been hit pretty hard and has had to make the very difficult decision to sell his Pride and Joy Black 82/83 Touring Vision in an effort to make ends meet.

    Lucky has contributed greatly not only to the ROV community but many other Vision owners as well. He rins the XZ550.com website which has a wealth of information pertaining to the Vision and up until recently, contributed heavill to ROV. Always the optomist, he has given answers to help salvage even the most basket of basket case Visions. Lucky also provides a CD/DVD with tons of Vision information on it and sells it for a nominal fee which funds his website and maintaining his Vision. If it wasn't for Lucky, my Vision wouldn't be what it is today.

    He's a good friend, not only to me but to many, if not all of us and needs some help.

    AKVision over on ROV has started a thread to help Lucky out. Here are a few excerpts from his threads. Please give this noble effort some consideration.

    From AKVisions posts:
    You know the drill...

    You can get a chance at a new rebuilt Tim Parrott XZ550 Stator with a $25 Raffle ticket with all proceeds going to: KEEP LUCKY'S V IN CAPABLE APPRECIATIVE HANDS. The odds are based on how much expression there is. My hope is that there will be at least 50 or more. I will keep you posted on the odds #.

    I am donating the cost of the Stator rebuild and the postage to the winner. Lucky and I are exempt from the drawing. You have sometime to get it together.

    Over the years Lucky has provided support to this group and is one of the primary sponsors of correct, clear and helpful information about the XZ550. I know that this presention of information has saved me many $$$$$. I know that many of the ROVr's have benifited.

    So now it is time to give back. I know that times are tough for alot of folks and give up just one night at the favorite watering hole and the chance to get a stator for $25 bucks... what a deal, and you will feel good too.

    Tiger is going to send me the CORE... thanks T.

    I will order the Stator when I recieve the CORE...estimated time 2 weeks.
    Parrot takes about 4 weeks to get them out. I am estimating that we can have the drawing by approx August 21.

    We will also run a parts donation log on this thread.

    I know that this will take a leap of faith, I promise you that I will carry this out faithfully.

    Check this post for further updates and comments.

    You can contact me:

    James Dahl
    P.O. Box 6218
    Ketchikan, AK


    Ok, I am going to do it... I challenge ROV Members to "Save the Lucky V and keep it in deserving hands"

    Tiger send me to CORE.

    James R. Dahl
    P.O. Box 6218
    Ketchikan, AK 99901

    I will have Parrot rebuild the unit and offer it at $25 per pop. You will get a ticket # when I recieve your funds. I will do the drawing when I get the Stator.... most likely out there 4 weeks plus.

    I will announce and give everyone plenty of time to get it together with a count down. I would like to have this all closed by August 21 if possible.

    I would like to incorporate the other idea as well and set up an auction/bid? on the items that friends want to donate. I need to go back and read and figure out how to make this integrate with the Raffle idea.

    So, $25 a ticket and the winner gets a Tim Parrot stator and we help a friend.

    I will start a new post under " Save the Lucky V" .

    We are going to help those who have helped us.


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    Save Lucky's Vision Empty Save Lucky's V

    Post  akvision on Thu Jul 30, 2009 7:31 pm

    Thank you for your support.. the thread on ROV has the latest..

    the CORE is recieved.. and the STATOR has been ordered.

    Somebody is going to get a Stator on the cheep.

    Good luck everyone. Thanks all for the support.


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