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    Parts for Sale: Cleaning out my barn

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    Parts for Sale: Cleaning out my barn

    Post  Site Admin on Fri Jul 03, 2009 7:37 pm

    Heres some parts I need to get rid of...and raise a little cash for the unexpected increase in the cost of my saddle bag mounting job.

    Item #1 is a stock 82 unmodified airbox. The box is in great shape with very good rubber velocity stacks and the foam on top of the box is in great shape.

    Item #2 Is a Yamaha Horn cover. Its in great shape and I think I have the bolts for it too...somewhere, but I'll find them.

    Items #3 are 83 front calipers. I have the slider for the left caliper but not the right. The slider is what mounts the caliper to the fork tube. I also have the stock hoses which are in good shape but you really need the SS brake lines though. Both pistons are stuck but as we all know, thats pretty easy to fix.

    Item #4 is an 83 front brake line junction. Its in great shape.

    Item 5 is a Headlight lens and bucket. Its primer coated rust red and in great shape without any cracks. The lens is also in great shape. No cracks or breaks on it either. The chrom is great and should clean up like new. Also includes the mounting hardware.

    Item 6 is a set of Turbo SECA bags without mounting hardware. The bags are painted bedliner black but are star silver underneath it. Overall they are in great shape and will require a bit of finishing work to make them look nice but structurally they are sound. No cracks or breaks anywhere on them.

    Not pictured:

    82 Fork Lowers and parts, including standard springs. The uppers were bent (and were from a different set of lowers)

    82 Front exhaust pipes. Good condition overall. one has a smaall dent but they are useable.

    One set of black underseat rails in very good condition with all tabs present.

    PM me if you are interested.



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